Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Job description – An important list for organization

A job description is described as the index of accurate definition of offered vacancy, genuine job elements and definition of duties to be performed. This is used to highlight the vacant positions in order to attract the attention of eligible candidates and request for their curriculum suitable as per management’s requirement. In high level organizations, a job description is always standardized. It is embedded with very clear information regarding the candidature expected for available designations.

However, to educate a candidate, copy of job description is provided to him/ her which help the candidate to take care of management rules and regulations. Human resources department can prepare an accurate job description by considering the factors; definition of function and job responsibilities, mechanism required for recruitment, training and development to be provided to the selected candidate and legal defensibility.

In case of any confusion, the job description can be reviewed to sort out the conflicts. So it serves both to an employee and also to the department. To evaluate the job description, after the final touch it should be reviewed at least once to confirm if all the attributes are mentioned appropriately. Always keep in mind, if any of the attributes vary in terms of functions and responsibilities, it can be a claim against the management. Therefore, involvement of all important factors is very important to succeed in a recruitment process.

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