Thursday, July 21, 2011

Massage Therapist Job Description

Massage Therapy is something, which has become highly popular in recent times for it offers great respite in this present time when almost everyone is leading a busy, hectic life. The massage therapists can work in a plethora of environment- from spas to beauty parlors. They do not just carry out massages but also different types of body and health related treatments. They also need to clean the room and do the laundry and everything related to the job description of massage therapy.
Massage Therapist Duties and Responsibilities
· Giving massages and all other type of body treatments to the customers.
· Informing the customers regarding the supplementary massages that can be carried out at home.
· Following different types of sanitary procedures in order to keep the room and the facility clean.
· Determining the type of massage that would suit the client the most and this has to be done after discussing with the customer about his/ her physical conditions.
· Studying the health condition of the customers and suggesting treatment plans that would be most appropriate for the client.
· Consulting with the chiropractors, physiotherapists etc for gaining knowledge about the treatment routines.

Massage Therapist Skills and Specifications
· Hard working
· Awareness of sanitary measures
· Ability to offer massage therapies of different nature
· Ability to meet customer satisfaction levels
· Good amount of knowledge about human nature and behavior
· Well versed with the different creams, lotions needed to carry out the massage
Massage Therapist Education and Qualifications
· A formal training in massage therapy program is highly imperative for becoming a Message Therapist.
· High school diploma or its equivalent is highly imperative.
Massage Therapist Salary
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the therapists receive $15.36 per hour. Apart from the fixed salary, the therapists receive tips from the customers.

Monday, July 18, 2011

How to construct an effective job description?

Are you the hiring manager of a company? If so and if you are planning to hire candidates in the near future for a particular position in the company, then writing an effective job description is very crucial. The job description should be clear and precise. To know how to write an effective job description, quickly glance through!
· First of all, try to define the exact role in a clear manner and also mention the name of the post.
· Secondly, mention clearly what all duties the prospective employee needs to perform and also his or her responsibilities.
· Thirdly, mention the required qualification and work experience that you are looking for in the candidate. Moreover, do not forget to mention the desired knowledge and interpersonal skills that you are looking for in the candidate.
· Also, remember to include the job location in your job description.
· Finally, mentioning the salary range is also crucial.
These are some of the tips for writing effective job descriptions. However, if you are writing job descriptions for the first time, then you can also go through the sample job descriptions that are available online. These job descriptions will give you an idea about how to write effective job descriptions.

Prioritizing Job Descriptions and Responsibilities for Maximum Impact

Do you know how to prioritize your job descriptions so as to prove that you are the perfect candidate for a particular position in an organization? Mentioning your job descriptions and Job responsibilities in your resume in a proper manner is not at all a difficult task. To know more about how to prioritize job descriptions and responsibilities in your resume, just read on!
At the beginning, just go through the list of jobs that you have performed and mention three most important responsibilities that you have undertaken for each job. Also, do not forget to use action words or power words like communicated, developed, managed, implemented, and so on, at the beginning of each description. Like for example, if you want to work as a project manager, then you can mention that you have successfully managed a team of many people in your past or present organization. This will highlight the fact that you have the capability of handling teams.
Thanks to the advent of the Internet! Today, you can also browse through various sample job descriptions online from the comfort of your home if you have an Internet connection at home. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? So without any further delay, prepare your resume today and get your dream job!