Monday, October 17, 2011

Job Descriptions Import Export Manager

What are job descriptions? What do they contain? Job descriptions provide detailed descriptions of the requirements of the company. It plays an integral role in one’s career. It contains a list of tasks and responsibilities that the employees are expected to perform. Now what is a manager job description? A manager job description contains the list of responsibilities he is entitled to perform. An import export manager makes arrangements of import and export of goods and also takes care of delivery of the goods. The import export manager ensures the safety and is also responsible for transporting goods according to the customers’ needs. To know more, keep reading.
The import export manager is expected to perform several responsibilities. He arranges for efficient transportation keeping in view of the needs of the customers and hence should be well aware of the geographical locations, transport routes and means. The handling and packaging of goods is also his responsibilities so that the goods are not damaged. He also takes care of the necessary documents which can meet the requirements of the customs authorities or other regulatory bodies. An import export might have to work at odd hours. Minimum qualification to become an import export degree is bachelor’s degree in finance, business administration, economics, business management, political science or in international relations. A post graduate degree is always a plus point if one is willing to prosper in his career.

Job Descriptions and Salaries

Job descriptions and salaries play an essential role in one’s . Wondering what are job descriptions and salaries? They contain detailed description of the career requirements and necessities of a company and the pay scale. The job seekers benefit a lot from them as they get an idea of the position of a company and can also figure out how eligible they are for a particular job.
Job descriptions are usually developed after conducting job analysis. A job includes several responsibilities. The job descriptions contain a list of responsibilities and tasks an employee is expected to perform. Job descriptions also set up educational and professional qualifications so that only those candidates apply who are suitable for the job. This in turn dispels confusion amongst the applicants. Having an idea about the pay scale is equally important for the candidates before applying for jobs. Job descriptions always doesn’t explain the current scenario, they often set goals that are expected to be achieved in future. They often contain specifications of positions in a company and reports. A candidate can ask for job description and salary from the company before applying to make sure whether he is suitable for the job or not. So if you have a proper idea of the job that you are opting for, it would in turn help your career to prosper and you to become successful.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Job Descriptions for Teachers

A world without education is incomprehensible and the role of a teacher therefore assumes great importance. The job description of a teacher is the conveyance of knowledge in a systematic manner to enable his pupils to grasp what is being taught. The world today being a world of specialization, job descriptions of teachers are varied.
While the job description of a teacher at the elementary level may not require much specialization, job descriptions of teachers at the secondary level require specialized knowledge in the subject he teaches.
However, whatever the subject taught, the most important is the approach and the methods adopted in passing on this knowledge while ensuring that the right environment is created, for example, keeping order in the class, not allowing distractions, and using tools like video clippings or any object that could help the students to comprehend better. Thereafter, he has to take tests to gauge how well his pupils have learnt and take measures to rectify the mistakes they have made and guide them accordingly.
Apart from his classes, the teacher has to prepare the curriculum at the beginning of each session, interact with the parents as and when necessary, and also keep watch on the progress of his pupils. It is hard work but highly satisfying when it is well done.

Job Description Business Systems Analyst

Basically, the job description of a business systems analyst is the understanding and study of business systems. He has to communicate with personnel at different levels to comprehend the logical specifications regarding both the hardware and the software used in the system. This enables him to obtain a solution to the problem regarding the business.
The business systems analyst conducts necessary research in order to enable him to create business application systems. Efficiently executed, it would serve to solve the business requirement of the organization.
The above job description is only an outline. He has not only to attend to problems and plan its solution, but also decide on the software required while simultaneously coordinating with the authorities in ensuring that the obtained solution matches the business standards required. Business systems analysts have to put forth their client’s requirement into technical specifications and also act as a bridge between the IT professionals and vendors for both the software and hardware. A business systems analyst must, therefore, be conversant with various programming languages, operating systems and hardware programs.
Job descriptions of a business systems analyst vary since the whole job cannot be executed by one person only and it becomes essential to recruit personnel specializing in the various fields of business system analysis.