Monday, October 17, 2011

Job Descriptions Import Export Manager

What are job descriptions? What do they contain? Job descriptions provide detailed descriptions of the requirements of the company. It plays an integral role in one’s career. It contains a list of tasks and responsibilities that the employees are expected to perform. Now what is a manager job description? A manager job description contains the list of responsibilities he is entitled to perform. An import export manager makes arrangements of import and export of goods and also takes care of delivery of the goods. The import export manager ensures the safety and is also responsible for transporting goods according to the customers’ needs. To know more, keep reading.
The import export manager is expected to perform several responsibilities. He arranges for efficient transportation keeping in view of the needs of the customers and hence should be well aware of the geographical locations, transport routes and means. The handling and packaging of goods is also his responsibilities so that the goods are not damaged. He also takes care of the necessary documents which can meet the requirements of the customs authorities or other regulatory bodies. An import export might have to work at odd hours. Minimum qualification to become an import export degree is bachelor’s degree in finance, business administration, economics, business management, political science or in international relations. A post graduate degree is always a plus point if one is willing to prosper in his career.

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