Monday, October 10, 2011

Job Descriptions for Teachers

A world without education is incomprehensible and the role of a teacher therefore assumes great importance. The job description of a teacher is the conveyance of knowledge in a systematic manner to enable his pupils to grasp what is being taught. The world today being a world of specialization, job descriptions of teachers are varied.
While the job description of a teacher at the elementary level may not require much specialization, job descriptions of teachers at the secondary level require specialized knowledge in the subject he teaches.
However, whatever the subject taught, the most important is the approach and the methods adopted in passing on this knowledge while ensuring that the right environment is created, for example, keeping order in the class, not allowing distractions, and using tools like video clippings or any object that could help the students to comprehend better. Thereafter, he has to take tests to gauge how well his pupils have learnt and take measures to rectify the mistakes they have made and guide them accordingly.
Apart from his classes, the teacher has to prepare the curriculum at the beginning of each session, interact with the parents as and when necessary, and also keep watch on the progress of his pupils. It is hard work but highly satisfying when it is well done.

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