Monday, May 2, 2011

Job description for a Small Business

Job description for a small business though less comprehensive as that of a large one is not to be ignored. In United States any business generating revenue of $6.5 million annually is considered small. Basic retail, book stores, gift shops, self-service laundries, franchise operations, gas refilling stations, and fast food eateries are some examples of small businesses.
Job descriptions vary according to the nature and scale of business but essentially include buying of materials, planning, marketing and money management. Small businesses usually are either proprietory or partnership. In case of a proprietory form all responsibilities, either financial or otherwise are borne by the proprietor while in the case of a partnership this is shared among the partners.
Job description examples could include a mechanic in a machine shop, a counter salesman in retail, or an accountant in a merchandise firm. Each one of these profiles requires definite qualifications. Employers need to be very clear about the job description they are looking for in their employees. As the area of activity in small businesses is limited, the functionalities of different employees are restrictive.
Training is vital for getting job in a small business setup. Employers clearly notify the qualifications desired from their prospective employees. A hand on training is important for getting the right job in such an organization.

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SAP job descriptions

SAP job descriptions classify a select group of people who are capable of managing ‘system application products’. Essentially an information technology portfolio, this job needs skills in advanced IT management and applications. Candidates qualified to work as SAP members are often termed SAP administrators or SAP managers.
SAP professionals are employed as team leaders or managers at the entry level. After acquiring enough experience and knowledge a professional gets qualified as a SAP administrator. There are renowned institutes offering courses in SAP management and administration. For enrolling in these courses a thorough understanding of computerized processes is essential. A comprehensive knowledge of programming principles is another vital pre-requisite for undergoing a SAP course.
SAP administrator’s job descriptions include knowledge of SAP installation, its management and troubleshooting. In addition, database management, communication management, and project management skills are other inherent requirements to become a SAP professional. A SAP administrator is required to maintain computer systems and customer support for applications used by any particular company. Preparation of reports, and development of long term objectives are other fundamental responsibilities of a SAP professional.
SAP professionals are among the most sought after candidates as integration of systems is imperative in large organizations across continents.

SAP ABAP Programmer Job Descriptions

Importance of job descriptions

Importance of job descriptions is severely felt in corporate world irrespective of segment and territory. Recruiting right candidates is a difficult task and retaining them even tougher. Hiring is a planned process which requires enough studies and homework. Finding the right person for the right job is a challenge for recruiters across organizations, be they small, medium or large.
The process of hiring begins with accurate job description. With companies organized in a structured fashion, jobs and responsibilities are well defined. At the same time, mechanization and automation has resulted in multi-tasking across companies. Specialization of jobs and multi-tasking though contrasting in essence exist in perfect harmony with one another. Multi-tasking is a process of growth while specializing in a specific task.
It is interesting to note that specialization is no longer restricted to manufacturing or engineering sectors, but extends even to service industries. There are dedicated study courses for instance in packaging, library science, or logistics. Such specialties were unimaginable two decades ago. Accurate library job description is crucial for hiring a candidate expert in managing a public library.
Job descriptions are given utmost importance as they help to appoint the most desirable candidates. It is commonly observed that job descriptions as publicized by companies do not tally with actual job content leading to disappointments. This results in decreased productivity both for an individual and an organization.

92 Alpha Job Description

A 92 alpha personnel is essentially a specialist in logistics and responsible for managing a warehouse string equipments and their spare parts. These specially trained logistics experts are appointed by military services in United States. Job descriptions of a 92 alpha are well defined and leave no scope of confusion.
All warehouse functions like inventory control, maintaining records of movement of same, accounting, and material control are responsibilities of an alpha logistical specialist. To be more comprehensive, alpha job description includes all accounting tasks like posting receipts, documentation of inventory, bill verification and their reviews, and dues in and out accounting. Logistic functions such as checking of loading and unloading of materials, visual inspection, segregation, counting, and storing are job requirements of 92 alpha professionals.
These logistic functions are to be performed in accordance to company rules and regulations. 92 alpha job descriptions specifically addresses military and the forces. Military being a sensitive segment adhering to its rules is crucial. In addition to logistic and accounting tasks, a 92 alpha candidate also has to perform property storage and disposal functions. Special procedures like storage and transporting of retrograde products, recommendations for alteration of stocks, and requests for controlled goods are also job responsibilities of a logistic specialist.