Monday, May 2, 2011

Importance of job descriptions

Importance of job descriptions is severely felt in corporate world irrespective of segment and territory. Recruiting right candidates is a difficult task and retaining them even tougher. Hiring is a planned process which requires enough studies and homework. Finding the right person for the right job is a challenge for recruiters across organizations, be they small, medium or large.
The process of hiring begins with accurate job description. With companies organized in a structured fashion, jobs and responsibilities are well defined. At the same time, mechanization and automation has resulted in multi-tasking across companies. Specialization of jobs and multi-tasking though contrasting in essence exist in perfect harmony with one another. Multi-tasking is a process of growth while specializing in a specific task.
It is interesting to note that specialization is no longer restricted to manufacturing or engineering sectors, but extends even to service industries. There are dedicated study courses for instance in packaging, library science, or logistics. Such specialties were unimaginable two decades ago. Accurate library job description is crucial for hiring a candidate expert in managing a public library.
Job descriptions are given utmost importance as they help to appoint the most desirable candidates. It is commonly observed that job descriptions as publicized by companies do not tally with actual job content leading to disappointments. This results in decreased productivity both for an individual and an organization.

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