Monday, May 2, 2011

Job description for a Small Business

Job description for a small business though less comprehensive as that of a large one is not to be ignored. In United States any business generating revenue of $6.5 million annually is considered small. Basic retail, book stores, gift shops, self-service laundries, franchise operations, gas refilling stations, and fast food eateries are some examples of small businesses.
Job descriptions vary according to the nature and scale of business but essentially include buying of materials, planning, marketing and money management. Small businesses usually are either proprietory or partnership. In case of a proprietory form all responsibilities, either financial or otherwise are borne by the proprietor while in the case of a partnership this is shared among the partners.
Job description examples could include a mechanic in a machine shop, a counter salesman in retail, or an accountant in a merchandise firm. Each one of these profiles requires definite qualifications. Employers need to be very clear about the job description they are looking for in their employees. As the area of activity in small businesses is limited, the functionalities of different employees are restrictive.
Training is vital for getting job in a small business setup. Employers clearly notify the qualifications desired from their prospective employees. A hand on training is important for getting the right job in such an organization.

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