Sunday, November 27, 2011

Job Description of a Probationary Officer in a Bank

Job descriptions are very necessary for both job applicants and hiring companies as it is the only medium of communication between them. Job descriptions contain necessary information regarding the vacant posts and positions of the company. They also list the requirements of the company and job responsibilities of a certain post. The candidates can easily figure out which job is suitable for them. Without job descriptions, hunting for job would have been very difficult. Now are you interested to work as a probation officer in a bank? If yes you must read this segment carefully.
The job description of a PO officer contains list of job responsibilities, the candidate is expected to perform. A bank PO officer can be asked to do anything and everything by the bank till its probation period. After the completion of the probation period, a bank PO officer joins the bank as an assistant manager. The prominent job responsibilities include general banking and administrative work. There are several other responsibilities given by senior manager of the bank such as accounting, marketing, finance, investment as well as billing. He/she is also expected to increase the bank’s business especially in the loan’s department. Hence good communication skill and the ability to pursue or convince customers is one of the essential qualities a bank PO officer must have. He/she also deals with complaints of the customer regarding various issues; PO officers should be able to solve problems with a calm head.
So, if you think you are eligible enough for the post, send out a resume.

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