Friday, April 15, 2011

Job Description of an Electrical Engineer

In this era of fast technological advances, electrical engineering has become an important field since it deals with the use of power, electricity, and telecommunications. The use of electronics in new automobile and computer technology as well as the increasing production of electrical consumer goods need the skill of electrical engineers. The job description of an electrical engineer may be enticing if you are interested in the fields of mathematics and physics and enjoy working with electrical gadgets and equipment. An electrical engineer may specialize in specific fields and be an electronics systems engineer, electrical systems engineer, or electrical design engineer.

Electrical Engineer’s Job Description
In general, an electrical engineer’s job descriptions is to design, develop, and test a wide range of electrical systems, components, and equipment. Electrical projects may involve telecommunications systems, lighting systems, automobiles, computers, and lighting systems. These projects are used in many sectors of society such as transportation, production and distribution of electricity, industries, or the field of science.
Electrical engineers supervise and oversee the manufacture and installation of projects, from the concept to the implementation. They regularly inspect on-going projects to make sure that these are in accordance to government standards and customer requirements. Electrical engineers also have to make sure that the projects are completed according to the timeframe, quality, and budget specified. When projects are complete, they also test them before the handover.
In designing and implementing projects, it is part of an electrical engineer’s job description to ensure that these follow required specifications. They ensure that electrical systems or components are safe, of high quality, economical, and long-lasting.
An electrical engineer’s job description may also include maintenance of electrical equipment and systems. They may be involved in developing new products or improving existing ones.
Another job description is investigating and finding solutions to electrical problems. Electrical engineers investigate complaints of the customer or the public about electrical components and systems, then recommend and implement measures to solve the problems.

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